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Our Objectives & Goals

Irrefutable evidence
Complete confidentiality
Total professionalism
Absolute flexibility
100% reliability
Complete solutions
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Our Specializations

All Strategies for all cases are not same
Successful experienced
investigator with high caliber
Interpreted reports and results
Non-disclosure policy for all cases
Complete solution for all kind of cases

Corporate Investigation Services in Sri Lanka

Corporate investigations in Sri Lanka are identified as the universally the superior processes to recognize and eliminate the major risks of frauds which are prevailing in corporate sectors in Sri Lanka and ….

  • Employment screening services
  • Litigation Support investigations
  • Corporate Theft Investigation
  •

IP Investigation Services in Sri Lanka

IP investigations in Sri Lanka are the effective processes to protect the exclusive right which are governed by the intellectual property laws of the country and monitor the unlawful or illegal use of patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. ….

  • Patent Infringement Investigations
  • IPR Attorney Services
  • Trade Fair Monitoring
  •

Insurance Investigation Services in Sri Lanka

With the same idea, Insurance investigations in Sri Lanka have come up to cover all investigation needs of all sinking insurance companies who are bearing with the torments of rise in insurance frauds….

  • Claim investigations in Sri Lanka
  • Recovery of the stolen vehicle
  • Insurance Support Services
  •

Verification in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka verification services are well designated highly organized versatile processes with effective protocols and best authentication to offer discreet verifications and background checks in Sri Lanka on the matters of employee’s background, history and other records….

  • Verification of International Criminal History Check
  • International civil litigation searches
  • Verification of liabilities.
  •

Skip Tracing Services

Sri Lanka skip tracing investigation services are chiefly utilized to get the information and evidence of a particular person who has been intentionally missing out due to certain pending responsibility or needs ….

  • Tracing of defendants & witness
  • Status enquiry
  • Skip tracing of missing person
  •

Process Services

Process services in Sri Lanka are competent procedures for right litigation where an individual or a company can serve valuable civil or legal document like summon, complains, petitions, commercial documents, judicial documents to any person in any part of Sri Lanka…..

  • Process Service on summons & complains
  • Process Service on Petitions
  • Process Service on civil or commercial matters
  •
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