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We are professionals and have only qualified and trained Investigators.
We empathize and interpret all matters to acquire success.
We deal with our clients in cordially manner.

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sri lanka investigative service

Private Investigators in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, investigations have great significance and investigators are given due respects in the societies. it is because of the reason that investigations are considered to be prominent profession in the country where people desires to opt this profession to serve the needful person by meeting their various requirements, wherever it is required to use their services to obtain quick and early solution on majority of cases.

This is one of the growing professions which is captivating the interest of people and inspire them to do the lot to bring the innovations to leave the people dazzled through excellent processes, Indeed, this is one of the most demanding field for all time use to protect people from unavoidable risks and challenges which may occur every now and then in personal commitment and corporate businesses conducted in various environments.

This is to tell you that in present, wide variety of corporate houses, insurance firms, investigative forms and intellectual property owners do find the great use of investigators in Sri Lank and rising demands of great investigations can’t be fulfilled, if we do not have great investigators with huge talents and proficiencies who are keen to give the best to every individual or organization seeking their honest services and great approaches. It means we do need a big army of great professionals who can fight with full force to give the world class investigations in each attempt.

By realizing the people demands, we the professionals of International Investigators Network Pvt. Ltd. (IIN), are working as the proficient private investigators in Sri Lanka to offer the enhanced supports and best processes to steal the show by gathering the attention of all who wants to get sparkling services to get the quality investigations. We are well known private investigators and detective coming out as the Risk Protection Group providing investigation services in Sri Lanka and Kotte to all local as well as International clients located in various parts of country.

Our prospective clients are coming out as many Corporations, Exporters, Insurance Companies, International Private Detectives, Attorneys Fraud investigators, In-house counsels, International Process Servers, Financial Institutions, working in Colombo, Kotte and other parts of Sri Lanka.

We are highly concerned professionals who will provide great amount of integrity, impartiality, confidentiality and commitment which is best utilized for paving the path to have most influential and impeccable investigations throughout the country. We are capable of providing effective investigations and detective services on numerous issues related with corporate, insurance and intellectual properties to every client located in the major/minor cities of Sri Lanka. We are having the venture with large number of associates who have essential proficiencies and traits to meet our standards and possess valid permits/licenses to fulfill the necessary compliances and render the on-ground investigative services in Kotte, wherever required.

We are a well-established group for private investigations and risk management services growing up through expanded network with local as well as international partners and associates in various other adjoining countries where we provide highly reliable, trustworthy and supreme private Investigation services to all type of clients located anywhere in those countries. We are equipped with modern gadgets and latest spying tools to deliver world class investigations which are greatly utilized for assessing and analyzing the financial status of various small, medium or hefty companies working in the prime sectors of country. Our investigative services can create an environment of growth and development in all major cities of Sri Lanka.

We have got a great system where each business query is responded discreetly in an understanding manner and each assignment is accomplished with fine skills, under complete confidentiality and highest professionalism. For further information on our services and for any of your investigation requirements, please contact us on [email protected].

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